CushCore E-MTB Tyre Insert

CushCore E-MTB Tyre Insert

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Cuschore E-MTB is specifically designed for the increased weight and impact forces of an E-MTB. With maximum impact protection and durability, you'll ride more laps with less fatigue, and less worry.

Fluted sidewall on the E-MTB insert provides a progressive feel: the harder you push the more support you'll feel.

Enhanced profile engineered for he weight and forces of an E-MTB.

  • Imapact Absorption
  • Rim Protection/Flat Prevention
  • Unrivialed Durability

Flow Channels engineered to increase air and sealant distribution to the main ryre chanmber.


Not all tyre inserts are created the same.

CushCore is no ordinary tyre insert and is based on a new concept, tyre suspension. Any suspension system has a spring and a damper, and with CushCore, pressurised air in the tyre is the spring and the CushCore tyre insert is the damper.

Like traditional suspension, a constant damping force wouldn't work. It has to be dynamic. Suspension should be supple on small bumps but firm on the big hits.

CushCore responds differently depending on the tyre load and scenario. The more the tyre flexes, the more damping it provides.

Go Bigger - CushCore improves suspension performance by 16% and reduces impact force from big hits by 50%. Send it with total confidence.

Corner Harder - 35% more sidewall stability eliminates tyre squirm and burping, even at low tyre pressure. Rail corners with total confidence.

Ride Faster - CushCore provides a 12% smoother ride and 3% reduced rolling resistance. Ride with more control, more momentum, and less fatigue. It's like taking fewer punches in a fight.


    • Tyre Widths - 2.1"-2.6"
    • Inner Rim Width - 22mm-35mm.
    • Weight - 281g (27.5") / 299g (29").


    1. CushCore transforms your tubeless tyre into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper.
    2. A proprietary closed-cell, polyolefin foam controls compression and rebound forces. Its lightweight, ultra durable and impervious to sealant.
    3. CushCore's patented profile applies constant pressure on the tyre sidewalls. This provides protection and stability even at low tyre pressures.
    4. CushCore is designed to fit tight on the rim. This radial tension locks the bead to the rim while maintaining a supple tread patch.

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