Cyclescheme & Bike2Work Schemes

Cycle to work schemes are a great way to get yourself a new bike and save up to 40% via the scheme!

We accept vouchers from the following schemes:

Cyclescheme -

Bike2Work -

Green Commute Initiative -

How It Works

- Check with your employer if they participate in any of the schemes above

- Pick a bike that you'd like to purchase via the chosen scheme

- Email us at with the details of the scheme your employer uses, the bike make, model and size you require and we will then send you a quotation back to send to your employer.

- Once your employer has administered your request you will then receive your voucher back, once we have this, along with a proof of photo ID we can then process and complete your order and get you on your new bike!

- It really is that simple!

If you have any questions about the scheme or how it works, along with any questions about the bike you're looking for then just give us a shout.