Lifeline Digital Vernier Caliper

Lifeline Digital Vernier Caliper

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A brilliantly accurate way of getting your measurements just right when repairing, modding or augmenting your bike, the Lifeline Digital Calipers will see you right to within +/-0.02mm, with its digital screen displaying your precise readings perfectly.

With a measuring range of 0-150mm/0-6", the Digital Vernier Calipers are suited for use on a wide range of fixtures and fittings found all across your bicycle.

Finding readings in both imperial and metric measurements and built from durable stainless steel this is a tool that is designed for a long-life of usage.

The large LCD display not only shows your super-accurate measurements but stops the misjudgement and inaccuracy of trying to find the exact scale lines by eye when it gets to the smallest of scale spaces.

A handy tool for any workshop or tool bag, the Digital Vernier Calipers from Lifeline more than measures up to its rivals.

Measures 0-150mm/0-6"Accuracy is +/-0.02mm/ 0.001"Large LCD display 2 x LR44 batteries supplied, Metric and imperial measurement.

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