Handske Lightweight Gloves
Handske Lightweight Gloves
Handske Lightweight Gloves
Handske Lightweight Gloves

Handske Lightweight Gloves

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Handske gloves exist for outdoor pursuers to express their individuality through colourful and creative gloves. Handkse cycling gloves help you personalise one of the most important components of your bike kit, giving your hands the personal attention they deserve, all the while these high-performance, feature-rich cycling gloves keep you in control and feeling comfortable.

Launched on Kickstarter in 2018, Handske gloves combine innovative technology such as silicon printed palms for better grip, stylish and protective full finger protection, touch-screen compatibility and full-size terrycloth thumbs to clear the view, with fun, unique designs.

These lean-fitting gloves are ideal for MTB, cyclocross, gravel and road cycling and will compliment your year-round cycling lifestyle. 1. Confidence inspiring silicone printed palms
2. Comfortable, neoprene cuffs with maximum flexibility
3. Touch screen compatible index finger for on-ride selfies
4. Extra lean fit. No baggy gloves
5. Designs produced by artists
6. Full size terrycloth thumbs for sweat managementHandske Glove Sizing Guide
Want to buy Handske’s but not sure what size you need?

Measuring the perfect cycling glove fit is key to enjoying the benefits of hi-tech cycling gloves. Handske bicycle gloves are made to fit snug on your hands, think of the latex gloves common in the food industry. This extra lean fit will prevent the palm panels from bunching up between your hands and grips and provide the best bar feedback. If you prefer a more loose fitting, simply size up. Please note, Handske windproof gloves are designed with extra room for cold weather swelling and/or layering.

To find the right fit:

1) Measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the crease in your wrist. It is the middle of the fold when you tilt your hand forward or backward.

2) Using a soft tape measure or similar wrap it around the widest part of your hand, across the finger joints, not including the thumb. If your length and width fall in different sizes, follow the larger of the two.

Measurements below are in centimetres (cm).

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