DMR Versa Pedal
DMR Versa Pedal
DMR Versa Pedal
DMR Versa Pedal
DMR Versa Pedal

DMR Versa Pedal

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Meet the Jekyll and Hyde of pedals.

The Versa is DMR’s newest mountain bike pedal, featuring a clip in mechanism on one side and DMR’s world famous platform on the other
side. Now you can ride up with the efficiency and control of being clipped in. At the top, flip the mtb pedal and go fully foot out flat out on the way
down. A clipless pedal and mtb flat pedal in one!

The DMR Versa Pedal works best when accompanied with a flat sole style clipless shoe. Clipless shoes with lugs or stud style soles will work
ineffectively using the flat side of the pedal and may cause discomfort or lack of control.

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