2022 MTB Hopper Area 51
2022 MTB Hopper Area 51
2022 MTB Hopper Area 51
2022 MTB Hopper Area 51

2022 MTB Hopper Area 51

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Area 51 is our most extreme ramp. It is perfect for step-up (2-3 meters), hip jump, backflip, frontflip, 360, no hander, double backflip, etc. The ramp makes it possible to clear 3 - 7 m gaps and send it to 12-meter height.

The ramp is ideal for tricks that require higher speed - 25 - 35 km/h It is highly recommended only for experienced and extreme riders.


The ramp has a wheel extension that allows you to move a ready-to-use ramp one location to another without disassembling it. It also folds in one briefcase which is more convenient to transport the ramp.


The geometry of the Area 51 ramp is extremely tall and aggressive. The Area 51 ramp has a big height adjustment amplitude - 1085 mm to 1285 mm. Leg travel of 285 mm. 


Due to our revolutionary truss construction, the ramp has become way more stable, very adaptive to any surface/terrain. It can be placed at various angles by regulating the length of each leg - possible to change the radius of the surface(Surface radius R 4000 mm to R 5000 mm). Also, the ramp has fewer parts, theerefore assembly time is now five times shorter.


The surface of the ramp is not suitable for small wheel sports. It’s perfect for any type of dirt/slopestyle tricks, it can be used with enduro, downhill, BMX, skies, snowboards, etc


Technical data

  • Assembly: 5 min
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Ready to use ramp dimensions: 1085-1285 (height) x 1000 (widh) x 2700 (length)
  • Briefcase dimensions: 900 x 1000 x 200 mm (one briefcase)
  • Product weight (total): 46 kg 
  • Wheel Extension weight: 6 kg


Packaging data

  • Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging): 1035 x 1012 x 247 mm
  • Product weight (+ packaging): 47 kg

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